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Forest Star Aurora of Siber Star

Brown Mackerel Tabby and White


Date Of Birth 11/02/2022

She is a sweet girl, who loves to play and get her way. Just look at those big sparkling eyes and cute doll like expression.

Aurora is registered in CFA and TICA.


She is a CHAMPION in CFA and TICA as of 2023


Genetic Tested : 2023 Clear 

HCM Tested : 2024 Results Clear


Amavi Fresco Of Forest Star

Date Of Birth 05/16/2017

Silver Mackerel Tabby 


Fresco is a gorgeous and sweet boy from Forest Star Siberians in Tygh Valley Oregon.

We have the honor of being able to breed our girl with. 

Genetic Tested : 2018 Clear
HCM Tested : 2020 Results Clear

Akay Phantom Of Sunova

Date Of Birth 03/30/2023

Blue Spotted Tabby and White

Akay is extremely social and loving and demands attention. He likes to curl up in our arms and fall asleep. He loves walking on the leash outside and taking trips to the store to meet new people! 

Genetic Tested : 2023 Clear 

HCM Tested : 2023 Results Clear

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